Poker Reviews – Dealt a Bad Hand?

Thousands of sites are providing their views on what the very best poker rooms are. Virtually every poker or gaming related site contains a poker room reviews section. But can these reviews really be trusted?

The solution is no, the majority of the reviews are not genuine. Where there is money there is corruption, and there is a good deal of cash in the internet poker market.

Internet poker websites pay their affiliates a predetermined quantity of cash to sign players up through their website. The dilemma is that rather than writing reviews on the poker websites, they constitute the reviews based on how much cash they are getting paid. I have seen poker rooms which are notorious for getting the worst high-quality applications and no traffic rank #1 on most popular poker room reviews websites, simply because those rooms provide more income for sign ups.

The poker rooms do not want you giving them unfavourable evaluations. If you browse an affiliate terms and terms policy it’ll explain that you are obligated to market them “As broadly and aggressively as possible in order to maximize the financial advantage to to business.” This implies that poker rooms will not even allow you to give them some negative testimonials or else they will ban you from their own program.

What ends up happening is lots of poker room review websites urge EVERY poker area. Each the poker rooms that they speed get a 5/5 or quite near it. Bad facets of the area are discounted as the ‘job’ as an affiliate is not to offer honest advice; it is to sell the space to the viewers.

But do not worry; online poker is not filled with just cheats and liars.


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