Who Am I? And Why Am I Sad?

I’m sad- But maybe more cynical. Perhaps my name should be the cynical opinionated writer instead of sad… but that’s beside the point.

What is the point you may ask?

The point is how I watch and read people all over the internet forget how biased internet articles can be. How articles are not written for youpure enjoyment, rather, written for a purpose. And whether that purpose is for search engine optimization, political gain, or to increase views on their page… people tend to naively read these articles and take them for face value. It’s the same sort of problem you see in documentaries. People watch documentaries and wholly believe whatever facts are spewed out by the documentary.

But you forget, the whole point of a documentary is to prove whatever point they are highlighting, not disprove. Don’t you think that’s a bit of a conflict of interest? Can you imagine how well a documentary would do if it didn’t prove whatever they were highlighting? Exactly my point. 

When there is a purpose, there is a bias. Without being aware of this bias, it’s easy to forget that there are 100’s of reasons and 99 of them aren’t really for the benefit of you. Plainly speaking, 1 of 100 articles are probably for your benefit, the rest aren’t.

So why am I writing this? because I’m one of those guys who writes for those 99 other reasons, and truthfully, it makes me kind of sick. Maybe that’s why I’m sad.

What’s the plan?

My goal is, to review, review sites. Call it, the top 10 reviews of top 10 review sites. I hope you enjoy.

–The Sad Opinionated Writer